Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Almost Wordless Wenesday

Happy Gotcha day Bruno.  I cannot beleive it's been a WHOLE year since the day we got you.
                                          1st Day We Got Bruno      1 Year Later

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wenesday-Almost

Sorry I've been gone.  There was the holidays, vacation then football.  I will fill everyone in tomorrow.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Photos

With all this sick stuff happening, I forgot to tell you guys about our family Christmas Photos.  Normally, this time of year in Mass we have white stuff all over the ground and it's very cold.  This year, however, it has been really warm!  Last weekend Mom, Dad, my friend Lola and her parents all went to take family photos for Christmas cards.  It was super fun!  Well atleast I thought so, Lola did not enjoy the pictures.  Before we started they let us play a little so we could calm down. 
First was Lola and her parent's turn, I was really distracting Lola so Dad had to take me for a little walk. 

Then Dad got to hold the both of us while just Lola'a parents got their pictures taken.  I thought we were done, but I was wrong.
Then came our turn!  Lola's mom was jealous becuase of how food driven I am I would corporate .
Here I think I am done with pictures!  But I did not know what was to come........the RULDOPH costume.  Mom loves putting me in this thing, but I hate it!!!  I HATE the hood.  So when it's on I just freeze and uhhh don't really pose much. 

Here I am with dad and as you can see I am no longer having fun.

Does anyone else get put into imbarssing coustumes like me? 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Almost Wordless Wenesday

It's Wenesday already ?  What a week this has been already.  Monday morning I woke up and my eye was swollen shut.  Mom brought me to the doctors right away and found out that I had an ulcerated eye.  So here I am looking like I am winking.  Please don't mind the clutter in the background, along with my eye my Mom has had the flu. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Sorry I've been absent for the past couple of weeks.  Guess Mommy has been busy getting ready for the holidays - and since I can't type myself she has to blog for me.....  I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving.  I sure did!!  I could not beleive all the foood, and my grandpa even sneaked me a little peace of turkey and green beans.  Then Mom let me have some frosting.  She took pictures with Puglet's mom's Shot Your Own Pug in mind, but did not sumbit them becuase she's comming to BOSTON.  YAY!   I'll share with you guys my SYOP photos.  Don't mind the quality, Mom only had Droid with her to take the photos.

Mom says I looked possessed in the last picture.