Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today Mom had to bring me to work with her.  I was really excited at first until I learned that working is BORING.  Mom tied my leash to her chair so I can't even explore the office.  Mom brought my "bed" aka kennel and thought maybe I'd sleep in there.  Who is she kidding?  Hopfully when the boss comes in I don't bark at him and make him mad.  Who could get mad at me anyways ?
Mom can't you see I am trying to work here?
Daycare is way better thank work.  Thank god Thursday is almost here so I can go there!

Monday, October 24, 2011


This weekend, mom & I did something new.  We went to a pug-oween party!  It was a halloween party for pugs!!!  I have never seen so many pugs in my life.  This party was AWSOME.  There was a dessert (yummm) table just for pugs!  There was turkey brownies, very good, carrot sticks, and various grain free snacks.  I tried everything and must say nothing was bad!  There was even games!  First there was a costume party, I dressed as batman and won 2nd place!  Then I won 1st place in fastest pug and 3rd in most well behaved.  Mom still isn't sure how I got 3rd place in most well behaved.  I had to do 3 tricks and get them all on the first time.  Since I only knew 3 tricks mom let me try.  I sat, stayed and laid down.  Mom is working with me on other tricks but these are the only 3 I know really well. 
Here I am before we left the house as batman.

Isn't this the prettiest butterfly you have ever seen?!  She won 3rd place

And this little puppy took 1st place.  Couldn't you eat her right up?!
1/2 of the girls
The dessert table, yummmm.
Obviously this is where alot of the pugs liked to hang out.
The race set up I am the one in the black shit :)
Mom had to put my costume back on with the ribon for a picture
And this is me at the end of the night with all my new toys. 
I loved them all so much I even brought them to bed with me!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

Friday, October 21, 2011


So it is getting very close to halloween and everyone keeps on talking about costumes!  From what I hear my parents talking about the next two weeks I will be wearing mine alot.  Hm not sure what that means or where we will be going but I hope it involves lots of treats!   I couldn't end a post without a picture of me!  This is me in my halloween shirt.

Mom says I'm bad to the bone.