Thursday, September 22, 2011


My BFF is a french bulldog named Lola.  Lola and I have SO much fun!!!  My mom and her mom, Nancy, try to get togeather atleast once a week with us.  We play so good togeather.  We were made for each other.
Isn't she cute?  I find her big bat like ears irresistible.  Last night our mom's brought us on a nice long walk.  We both love walks, but Lola can't make it to far.  As soon as she sees a peice of grass she starts to "army crawl" on it.  Mom forgot her camera or we would have a picture to show you.  Our 1/2 walk turned into a hour from this!!!  That's okay though becuase she is my best friend after all & I just enjoy being outside.  After when we got home our moms let us play for a hour.
I may be smaller than her but I don't let her know it!!!  I was the "runt" of my litter and only weigh 13 pounds.  Doc says I won't get much bigger than this.  That's okay, I might be small but I am tough!


  1. EFURRYpug needs a pal! Lola looks like a lot of fun.
    Love Noodles

  2. You two are just adorable! And it looks like a ton of fun when you get together!

  3. Owww you both look soooo cute together, I love playing with my doggy friends! Lola looks like such a nice and fun french bulldog to play with! Love, Licks and Phugs from Frank xxxxxxx

  4. Thank you guys Lola is the best friend I could ever ask for. Mom says next week I get to meet a new friend. A Boston terrier mix. Hmm sounds like fun !