Friday, September 16, 2011


So I figured I should tell you, I have a brother named Stanley.  He's not a pug, but a big black cat.

 In fact he is larger than I am!  Mom says that when she got him he was only 1 pound and now he is over 15!  I love Stanley, I really do.  However, I don't think he always likes me.  We like all the other brothers out there we play, we fight and snuggle togeather. 

Tonight is Grandpa Bob's birthday, and I get to go!  I hope somebody gives me a lick of icecream or something.  Mom said that if I am on my best behavior tonight then tomorrow I will get to go on a special trip with the family.  Hm, I wonder where that will be?  She said that it has to do with the 

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  1. Bruno,
    Have a great time at your Grandpa's birthday...I hope you do get a few licks!