Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This week I have been resting.  Resting alot.  This Saturday Mom, Dad & I are going for a very long walk to raise money for a very good cause.  We are going to walk to fight brain tumors!  A very very very long time ago before Dad even met Mom, his mother was diagnosed was brain cancer.  I have been told she was very strong and fought a good fight.  Unfortunally she passed away when Dad was a Sophmore in highschool.  So now is our turn to fight this and walk for a cure.  If you would like to donate to help please click here. We are walking for team:  Scott of Hope! I cannot wait to walk!!  Mom & Dad have been preparing me by walking the Capecod Canal once a week.  Of course I couldn't end this post without a picture of me!


  1. What a good cause, Bruno! I hope you all have a wonderfully successful walk this weekend in beautiful weather!

  2. My Mommy #2 had a co-worker diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was 19. He survived the operation and after a year he was pretty much normal. But he had no health insurance. The customers at the restaurant where he and my Mommy worked donated a lot of money which helped pay his bill after the operation since he could not work. This is a very worthwhile cause. Good luck on your walk.
    Love Noodles